Cycling 30000 km Around The World - #MilletMission

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Kamal Haz is a man on a mission. He will be cycling around the world in 120 days, completing 30000 km, covering 25 countries to increase awareness about Diabetes and the reasons behind it. It will be an attempt to create Guinness World Record.

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About the project :

I will be circumnavigating the world on a cycle. The goal is to complete 30,000 Km in 120 days, covering 25 countries.

I will be the first Asian and Indian to circumnavigate the world in 120 days on a cycle. It is an attempt to create a Guinness World Record. It will be an Asian level record and a Limca record even if I complete it in 140 days.

My mission is to promote healthy living. While on this tour, I will aim to raise awareness about Diabetes and various reasons behind it, in different countries. I will also be the propagating use of millets in everyday diet.

Why Diabetes?

India has the largest number of people affected by Diabetes. There is a steep growth in the numbers of younger populations being affected by it. Though it is a genetic condition, most of the people are are affected by it due to their erratic and lazy lifestyle, improper dietary habits. If steps are not taken in the right direction to raise awareness, Diabetes can engulf this generation. It kills individual productivity and hampers growth.

Human beings have the capacity to live healthier and longer life just by adopting an active lifestyle and by eating proper food. That is what I am going to promote through this trip.

I am going to promote the use of millets to be included in everyday dietary habits.

Why Millets? #MilletMission

Millets like Ragi, Jowar, Foxtail millet, Pearl millet, Long millet, etc has been the traditional food of Indians for a long time. But somewhere during the transition, we Indians forgot those and went on a rampage and gave prime importance to wheat and rice which lead to increased obesity in India. It is one of the reasons for the increase in lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, infertility, diabetes. A lethargic generation cannot contribute to the growth of a nation.

Production of wheat and rice requires a lot of water, 4500 litres and 5500 litres of water to produce 1 kg of each respectively. Due to overuse of the land, it loses its productive fertility. Farmers are unable to fetch right prices for crops, which forces them to search for alternative options and increased loans.

Millets are the answer to all these problems.

The trip comprises 5 legs across 25 countries

Leg 1 – Asia

Leg 2 – Australia – New Zealand

Leg 3 – America (West Coast – East Coast)

Leg 4 – Europe

Leg 5 – Asian leg from Turkey till Delhi.

Support me to raise awareness about Diabetes and its causes, propagate the use of millets in everyday diet, to promote cycling as a clean, healthy and eco-friendly means of travel, to make this generation adopt a healthy lifestyle!